Every August we have our gran­di­o­se mili­tary show called Süd­wind in com­me­mo­ra­ti­on of the sol­di­ers who had fal­len hero­i­cally in the mili­tary conf­ront­ations along the banks of the river Garam.

On our batt­le­field situ­a­ted next to the main buil­ding the batt­le sce­nes are ree­nac­ted with the par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on of more than 250 tra­di­ti­o­na­list sol­di­ers, emp­loying a gre­at num­ber of mili­tary vehic­les and air­planes and with a choreo­gra­phy rene­wed from year to year – in the pre­sen­ce of seve­ral thou­sands of spec­ta­tors. At such times the good old T‑34 and the fully ope­ra­ti­o­nal armo­u­red infant­ry vehic­le Sd Kfz called half-track are also put into ope­ra­ti­on out of the vehic­le fle­et of the Mus­e­um. The struc­tu­res and trenc­hes built on the batt­le­field are eit­her run over by a tank or hit by the bombs of the arri­ving airplanes.

The bilin­gu­al Mili­tary Show will be held on August, and we cor­di­ally invi­te everyone to attend the event!