Welcome to the Website of the Military Museum of Oroszka!

During World War II the front had been sta­tic on my hom­eland, an area along the sout­hern bank of the river Garam, for exactly three months: the­re had been hea­vy fights going on from Christ­mas 1944 to Eas­ter 1945.

From my early child­ho­od I was a keen lis­tener to the eye­wit­nes­ses’ remi­nis­cen­ces and the  indi­vi­du­al stori­es of elderly people giving a detai­led pic­tu­re of tho­se times and the rela­ted war­fa­re events.

From the age of ten this gave me the incen­tive to start sear­ch­ing for and then coll­ect local mili­tary memo­ra­bi­lia – and I have kept this pas­si­on on to this day, nearly for forty years by now.

During the past deca­des I manag­ed to coll­ect a lar­ge amount of inter­est­ing and rare war­ti­me relics, which I arrang­ed in a 1000 m² mus­e­um comp­lex for tho­se interested.

I am sure that the objects on disp­lay that inc­lu­de hund­reds of wea­pons used in World Wars I and II, ope­ra­ti­o­nal mili­tary vehic­les, rare mili­tary awards,  vari­o­us life-size diora­mas and a coll­ec­ti­on of every­day objects of the peri­od as well as the spe­ci­al atmosp­he­re of the Mus­e­um will give an unfor­get­tab­le expe­ri­en­ce to all our visitors.

If you long for a real journey thro­ugh time, you are wel­co­me to meet me at the Mus­e­um!
With best regards,

Zsá­ko­vics László